Body Shop Gym is a personal training gym with an extreme focus on client's results. Located on the Southside of San Antonio, Body Shop Gym is a fitness minded persons dream, offering classes, one on one training and wide range of equipment (free weights, machines and kettlebells).

Fitness training started at an early age for Body Shop Gym owner's Angel and Dino Vera. He recalls 5 am running sessions with his mother at 8 years old and Angel has always been behind her husband with created ideas and manageing Gym. This was the moment where Dino and Angel fell in love with fitness and the hard work to achieve any goal.

Dino graduated from Harlandale High School on the Southside of San Antonio in 1992 and wife Angel is from Seguin Tx. Dino proudly served in the Marine Corp for four years then worked for the City of San Antonio for over 10 years.

During all of his accomplishments Dino stayed dedicated to fitness and  Angel stayed following manageing and helping others achieve thier goals. It was during this time  his wife Angel moved from New Braunfels originally from Seguin Texas.

Body Shop Gym was created in August 2011 in a 1000 sq. ft. garage at  Angel and Dino's home. It started with a small group of clients and rapidly grew. Seeing this growth, Dino and Angel made the leap of faith to expand operations into a 3200 sq. ft. retail location. Body Shop Gym added new equipment, additional staff but kept the gym's number one focus at the forefront: "Client Results". It was also at this time that Dino made Body Shop Gym his sole priority leaving his career with the city and following year Angel made gym sole priority leaving her job.

In June 2015, Dino and Angel took yet another step forward and moved into a 7, 000 sq. ft. warehouse. This is where Body Shop Gym feels most like home continuing to offer group classes, one on one training and nutrition services, Body Shop Gym is the Southside of San Antonio's mecca for fitness

Dino and Angel Vera  believe there faith, with 1st God and family and community support have been the pillars of his success so far and strongly feels helping others is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.